Implementing Eagle Performance

Course Outline

Performance Calculation

  1. Performance Calculation Report Rule
  2. Performance Calculation Profile
  3. Performance Calculation – Custom Fields
  4. Running a Profile as a Data Range


  1. Assessment
  2. Milestone
  3. Documentation Links
  4. Let's take a pause now

Performance Monitoring

  1. Commit Journal
  2. Creating a Custom View for the Commit Journal
  3. Data Quality Monitor

Getting Started

  1. Congratulations, let's get you started!
  2. Training collateral
  3. Introduction and Overview
  4. Navigation and the Eagle UI

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)

  1. GIPS Overview
  2. Performance Composites
  3. Composite Weighted Return
  4. Composite Analysis
  5. Composite Monitor

Performance Analysis Reporting

  1. Performance Analysis
  2. Risk Analysis
  3. Equity Attribution Analysis

Performance Query Tool

  1. Performance Query Tool
  2. Creating a Performance Query

Implementation and Data Requirement

  1. Implementation and Data Requirement


  1. Disclosures

Performance Overview

  1. Performance Methodology
  2. Performance Workflow
  3. Performance Data Base

About the Course

Implementing Eagle Performance is intended for business analysts and implementation consultants who are installing, configuring, and supporting the Eagle PACE Performance module.

By the end of this course this course you will:

  • Summarize the Eagle Performance functions
  • Analyze the data needed to calculate and present performance information
  • Compare how the databases relate to the performance workflow
  • Calculate, audit, and store returns
  • Create, submit, and edit performance analysis reports
  • Create, submit, and edit risk analysis reports
  • Create, submit, and edit attribution analysis reports
  • Create a performance composite
  • Create, submit, and edit a composite analysis report
  • Navigate the composite monitor

About the Instructors

Scott Overbeck

Scott Overbeck, Manager, Education Services

Started at Eagle: 2007

Started in Industry: 1995

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Management
  • Enterprise
  • Investment Performance