Data Model Data Management

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Data Model Data Management

  1. Data Model Data Management

About the Course

The first course, Data Model Foundation, introduced the Data Model, including the structure of database schemas, tables, and columns as well as the three basic concepts that tie together six of the primary database schemas. There we took our first look at the Security schema, one of the critical elements of the Eagle Data Model. We also introduced the three Eagle functional solutions and explained the role of the underlying Enterprise components. 

In this course, Data Model Data Management, we begin by identifying the schemas that support data management activities. Then, we examine the structure of the core warehouse schemas and show how core data can be enriched to create new sources of data.

This course will: 

•  Explain the role of the Data Management Solution within the Eagle Data Model

•  Identify the schemas used in the Data Management solution and the function of each one

•  Describe the roles of Data Mart and Eagle Mart in Eagle’s Data Management Solution