Data Delivery via Eagle OLAP Reports

Course Outline

Getting Started

  1. Congratulations, let's get you started!
  2. Training collateral
  3. Course Objectives

Reporting Basics

  1. Eagle PACE and General Reporting Module
  2. Sample PACE OLAP Report
  3. Reporting Components
  4. Entity
  5. Field Attributes
  6. PACE Architecture and Info delivery toolset
  7. Navigation and Viewing your first Report
  8. Report Categories and Types
  9. Build Components Mode
  10. Submit an existing report
  11. Daily Holdings Report Rule
  12. Daily Holding Report Profile
  13. Review Report Results tabs and options
  14. Independent Exercise 1
  15. Rollup Fields
  16. Independent Exercise 2
  17. Submit with Overrides and Log Files
  18. Reporting Options
  19. Viewing Multiple Report Results

Date Usage and Reporting Options

  1. Date Rules
  2. Portal, Report Packages, Recon Reports

Custom Fields

  1. Overview of Custom Fields
  2. Build Detail Calculation and Inference Fields
  3. Positions Multi Period Report
  4. Time Series Fields

Bringing It All Together

  1. Grouping Options and Type
  2. Build a Coupon Analysis Report
  3. Create Range Grouping using Dates
  4. Create a Cash Activity Multi Period Report
  5. Overview of Filter Grouping
  6. Filter Grouping vs. Filter Criteria
  7. Security Reports
  8. Ranking Filter
  9. Using Grouping Level Percentages
  10. System Configuration


  1. Assessment
  2. Milestone
  3. Documentation Links
  4. Survey

About the Course

Data Delivery via OLAP Reports teaches the participant to create customized interactive data inquiries and present results in OLAP report form via the Web.

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Create reports based on data in the PACE Hub
  • Distribute reports using methods such as e-mail and the Eagle Portal
  • Create several types of custom fields
  • Work with various grouping options

About the Instructors

Vaibhav Oberoi

Vaibhav Oberoi, Team Lead, Educational Services

Started at Eagle: 2013

Started in Industry: 2007

Areas of Expertise:

  • Enterprise
  • Data Management