Portal Administration

Course Outline

Portal Administration

  1. Portal Administration

About the Course

The primary purpose of this course is to provide a foundation in how to use the Portal Administration function of Eagle Data Management. The course will provide an overview of Eagle’s Portal application and the Portal Administration function within Eagle Data Management, and how the two work together. The course will also explain the role of the Portal Administrator in any organization, suggest some best practices, and explain--and to a limited extent demonstrate--how to get started with common Portal Administration functions.

By the end of this course on Portal Administration you will be able to recognize:

  • How Eagle Portal may be used in your organization and how Portal Administration is used to enable those uses
  • The main features of Eagle Portal and Portal Administration. Different types of queries that can be set up using Portal Administration and how to set up a query
  • How to configure the main features of Eagle Portal
  • What typically is and is not included in the role of Portal Administrator
  • Design considerations and other strategies that can help you to succeed in your role as Portal Administrator