Data Model Accounting

Course Outline

Data Model Accounting

  1. Data Model Accounting

About the Course

This course is the second in a four-part series of e-learning courses on the Eagle Data Model. The first course is a prerequisite to the Data Model Accounting course as we build upon the groundwork laid in Data Model Foundation and explore the flow of data in Eagle’s Accounting solution.

Eagle’s accounting processing stores transactions chronologically in order to support as-of processing and automated rollback and replay of transactions. The accounting data is then stored by date and source in the warehouse tables for operational reporting. The resulting accounting data is stored in the Holdings, Cash and Trades database schemas.

OBJECTIVES This course will provide the following overview:

• Explain the Eagle Data Model from the perspective of Eagle’s Accounting capabilities

• Identify the schemas used in the Accounting solution and their function

• Explain how the ESTAR schema interacts with the warehouse

• Identify the purpose the ISTAR tables in Eagle’s insurance solution

• Identify the best way to access accounting data for reporting purpose