Portfolio Data Center (PDC)

Course Outline

Tasks of PDC

  1. Clearing Exceptions
  2. Authorization Workflow
  3. Assigning and Changing Benchmarks
  4. Override and Audit
  5. Adding comments and attaching files
  6. Comparing Entities
  7. Knowledge Check #3


  1. Assessment
  2. Milestone
  3. Documentation Link
  4. Let's take a pause now

Administrative tasks in PDC - Setup area

  1. Navigation and System Settings
  2. Errors and Validations
  3. Fields and Field Groups
  4. Policies
  5. Knowledge Check #4

Working with Entities

  1. Create & Delete New History Records
  2. Date Range edits
  3. Creating and Duplicating Entities
  4. Create a Composite and Blended Benchmark
  5. Entity Build
  6. Knowledge Check #2

Overview of PDC

  1. Definition, Benefits and Tasks
  2. Business Activity Workflow
  3. Navigating PDC
  4. Search functions
  5. Knowledge Check #1

Getting Started

  1. Congratulations, let's get you started!
  2. Important Instructions
  3. Training Collateral

About the Course

The Portfolio Data Center class provides participants with the general knowledge related to meeting the industry-wide need for reliable entity data to support multiple clients and business lines, to meet the ever-evolving demands to obtain current, representative, accessible data in an effective manner, and to provide unique rules-based data validation, hence ensuring to keeping bad data out of production workflows.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Describe what PDC is and how it benefits Eagle’s clients
  • Describe the PDC workflow  
  • Navigate the PDC software
  • Configure and Describe how Fields, Field Groups, Error messages, and Validations are associated with policies and how polices can determine an entity setup
  • Set Defaults and Overrides to policies
  • Create edit, search, validate and enrich entity data
  • Understand the Entity Validation Process and clear Exceptions
  • Understand the Authorization workflow while creating and amending entity data

About the Instructors

Malcolm D'Souza

Malcolm D'Souza, Senior Training Consultant

Started at Eagle: 2017

Started in Industry: 2007

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Management
  • Accounting