Introduction to Data Mart

Course Outline

Getting Started

  1. Congratulations, let's get you started!
  2. Training collateral
  3. Overview of Data Mart

Analyze Reports to Build Mart Models

  1. Process Flow
  2. Report Analysis
  3. Ex.1 and Ex.2

Viewing Logs and Mart Data

  1. Execution Logs
  2. Q&A Session
  3. Viewing Mart Data
  4. View Execution Log
  5. Schedules
  6. View Mart Data

Mart Model Submissions

  1. Snapshots
  2. Submitting Models
  3. Ad Hoc Model Submission


  1. Assessment
  2. Milestone
  3. Documentation Links
  4. Survey

Querying Mart Data

  1. Build a Query
  2. Connecting Data Mart to Third Party tool
  3. Multiple Marts
  4. Eagle Mart

Build Data Mart Models

  1. System Overview
  2. Ex.3 – Create the Daily Holding Group Level Model
  3. Custom market value Report and Model analysis

About the Course

Introduction to Data Mart teaches participants the various data levels and models used to extract data from the Data Mart, The class focuses on report analysis leading to Data Mart design, creating and submitting Data Mart models to populate data within the Mart, and accessing data via 3rd-party applications.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain Data Mart use, requirements and workflows, including reporting analysis
  • Create, Modify, and Submit Data Mart models
  • View and query Mart data
  • Analyze execution logs to identify/troubleshoot issues
  • Describe the use of multiple Marts, including EAGLEMART and packaged reports
  • Access data in third party tools

About the Instructors

Scott Overbeck

Scott Overbeck, Manager, Education Services

Started at Eagle: 2007

Started in Industry: 1995

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Management
  • Enterprise
  • Investment Performance